A New Juutie Cutie


Hello, my little honeybunnies. I'm so excited for the news I'm about to share with you.

It probably goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: If it's a Good Thing for Martha, it's a Good Thing for me. Well, a Good Thing for Martha has turned into a Very Good Thing for all of the rest of us: Anthony "AJ" Sorensen, Martha Stewart's exclusive hair stylist for years, is now styling hair at Juut Gaviidae and Juut Edina.

No style editor worth her salt is going to turn down that interview offer. I popped on over to meet AJ yesterday and test out his blowdry skills. We immediately made friends when he told me I have great hair, and approved of my lazy-washer status. (It doesn't hurt that he looks like a brown-eyed Anderson Cooper.) But really, he's going to fit right in, even with that New York accent and direct eye contact: he's half Norwegian! I helped school him in the ways of speaking Passive Minnesotan; he giggled at my accent. It was love at first sight, really.

AJ comes from storied stock: a stylist for Frederic Fekkai and Warren Tricomi salons, he eventually got a shot to style Martha's hair. Though he was "shaking" when he first worked on her, he passed the test and eventually became her mane man—sorry, I couldn't help myself—styling her hair for her TV show, ad spots, you name it. A non-disclosure agreement keeps him from being able to reveal too much, though we all know the best stylists are discreet, with or without those contracts. He did say warmly that yes, she really does look that great, and yes, she really does have that much energy and precision to her tasks. Just sayin'.

Martha's not his only claim to fame. He's styled the likes of Hillary Clinton, Paula Zahn, Christie Brinkley...but clearly genuinely enjoys styling us everyday types. We had a lovely leisurely wash and dry—and he trimmed me up, too, since he thought I needed it. Have I not mentioned my rule number-one rule enough to you? When a stylist wants to work their magic, you say yes!

As you should with a blowout, I felt like a new woman walking out the door. A little therapy talk, a little fun, a major hair polish. Life just feels right after that. Everyone at the office noticed when I breezed back in with shining hair round-brushed halfway to heaven (just the way I like it). What could be better? I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something. I kind of miss him already.

Now go, my little honeybunnies, and book your blowouts (or cuts, or updos) with AJ now. Blowouts start at $85; cuts at $125. A small price to pay for a very Good Thing.

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