Out with the Ombré


As a hair obsessionist, it is my public duty to pass on common knowledge of the beauty pros. Today’s fad-fact may come as a shock to some of those who are in two-tone love with the trend that took the world by storm: Ombré is out.

Yes, I said it. Gone is the look of inches of deep root color with overly light ends. I know that this subject splits the population pretty evenly. Hipsters started doing the DIY version of ombré at home years ago, while fashionistas have paid the big bucks to mirror the hair of a Victoria’s Secret model. On the other hand, I’ve also listened to lots of women ask, “Why would you want to look like you haven’t had your hair colored in six months?”

Let’s take a peek at the last few years of repeat ombré representatives.


So where does the trend evolve to from here? Luckily, we’re on the cusp of a much-needed summer—meaning, we’re all ready for a little more brightness. Try the age-old technique of Balayage, or hand-painting, to create highlights that start closer to the scalp. Balayage is a French verb that means “to sweep.” Lightening products are used for this highlighting service sans foil. The lightener is painted freehand onto the hair to create a soft illusive highlight. No stripes or odd lines here! This painting technique is fantastic for creating the “I just spent a week at the beach” type of hair.

This week I worked with Ashley Kilcher, owner of the newest North Loop boutique, Roe Wolfe. Ashley is a fashion and beauty maven, always looking toward the horizon of trend. It was only natural that her hair be as fabulous as she. I created a deep sorrel-brown base color with painted highlights of rosewood and amber. Her look still has a gorgeous melting color effect with a lot less ombré!


Gorgeous, no?


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