My Hair is the Color of Fairy Tales


Once upon a time, there was a style editor who felt like she belonged to the Jennifer Aniston School of Style. That is to say, long blonde layers, repeat for thirty years, repeat, repeat, ad infinitum forevermore.

Of course, that style editor is me. I tell myself that this is a signature look, and I think it really does work best, but I can't help but get bored occasionally, especially since I am paid to pay attention to all the latest trends. I confess I have been in a little bit of a rut lately, as these "before" photos might attest:



So when I got an email about the latest hair trend—sherbet hair, done by Justine Hornick at root salon and Mark DeBolt at Haus Salon—I eagerly jumped aboard.  After all, they are the geniuses behind these gorgeous 'dos (and the short pink crop above):


Upon arrival at root, I reminded Justine that I do work in an office environment, and that I make fairly regular appearances on television. As much as I love the spectacle of the ombré pink hair, it probably wouldn't go over so well in my daily life. "Never fear," Justine said. "This look can be adapted for every day wear!" 

When I told fellow villagers what colors I was about to test out, I could see the look in their eye—they were nervous for me. But I had total trust—Justine is an educator with Wella, a hair company which develops both hair product and dye, so she's been teaching the trend around the country, as has Mark DeBolt at Haus.

Indeed, Justine set about foiling my hair with shades of tangerine, dusty rose, and peach, then adding a glaze to marry everything together. (It should be noted that these colors typically respond only to the blondes who have creamy white, light gold and warm peach skin tones. Finally, something that works for pale girls!) Other colors in the spectrum include lilac and apricot. This isn't a permanent hair effect—the more you wash, the more it will fade. Editor's tip: Embrace very gentle, color-safe shampoo (root sells Kerastase and it works like a charm) and use dry shampoo as much as possible to prolong the color.

Aaaaand, after! Justine calls this color "sunkissed peach." According to Justine, it enhances the blue in my eyes and warms up my skin.


In the side view,  you can really see some streaks of tangerine and pink. But overall, it reads as a strawberry blonde. So it's just toeing the line of rebelliousness. I am in LOVE. It's so pretty, and office—and age—appropriate, yet I also feel like a magical cartoon or comic-book heroine.  I look like me, but with a twist. To me, that's what style is all about.

Justine summed it up thusly: "It's a breath of fresh air, and a sophisticated way to have some fun!" For me, it's got the fairy-tale ending stamp of approval: Happily ever after.

 $65-$150, root salon, 499 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-222-0200

Professional photo credits: Hair by Justine Hornick and Mark DeBolt. Makeup by Allison Aubuchon. Photography by Filipe Marques.

My hair photographed, colored, and styled by Justine. 

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